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You’ve got skin in the game, whether you know it or not.

Introducing the revolutionary Real Feel Glove. Reach new levels of performance through heightened proprioception and improve your golf game today.

Real Feel Gloves

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three materials to choose from



Pro-Tour (Cabretta Leather)

Proven in Golf

Better Golf, Right at your fingertips

The functional feature of Real Feel Gloves is the protrusion of skin from the finger-tips.  To insure this, the glove fingers are all 1 centimeter shorter than standard, also known as “cadet size”.  The fingers are tapered to create the protrusion effect.  A tight fit is necessary for finger skin protrusion and you may require one size smaller than what you are used to wearing.

scientific basis


We have extensive test data taken from professional and amateur players that proves our claim that the heightened sensitivity provided by wearing Real Feel Gloves increases accuracy across a wide variety of sports. Try them for yourself and see how your score improves today. 

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