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Lanny L. Johnson, M.D. is a retired orthopedic surgeon, best know as one of the pioneers in arthroscopic surgery. As such, he was the inventor of the motorized instrumentation that even after these many years is used in every arthroscopy surgery world wide. He has over 75 US patents in medicine and surgery.

His interest in golf dates back to high school championships and college team at Michigan State University. He has been teaching putting on PGA tour for more than 10 years. He has multiple inventions in golf. He authored a book with PGA tour player Howard Twitty; There is More to Putting than Meets the Eye. See His USGA conforming grooved grips have produced 6 wins on the PGA tours.

He now has patent pending on this revolutionary sports glove. It has been tested in golf, but also has performance enhancing properties for basketball and football. Everyone who has seen it offers additional applications; piano, stringed instruments, pool cue, tennis, baseball throwing and batting to name a few.

The development of the real feel glove resulted in his introduction to neuroanatomy and physiology. The concept of tactile edge orientation was new to him, an orthopedic surgeon. However this science not only supports why the Real Feel Glove enhances performance and just as interesting is that it is the neuroscience behind the function of the Grooved Golf Grip.

His motive continues to be to make golf more enjoyable.