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What is unique about these gloves?

Real Feel Gloves have a US patent pending for utility and design. They have potential to affect athletic performance.

Are they legal?

The Real Feel Gloves are USGA conforming for golf.  They can be used in baseball and football.  They are not legal in college basketball games. However players who have practiced with them immediately before a contest have carry over benefit in the game.

Where can I buy them?

They are not commercially available presently. The inventor intends to sell the US patents.Therefore they will be introduced in near future on the Internet.

Can these gloves improve everyone's performance or just professional athletes?

Our extensive testing has shown that people of all skill levels can expect to see performance improved through the use of our gloves.
We have learned that the improvement occurs with continued use.  See the testing on PGA tour player.

How could I prove they work for me?

Eventually you buy and try.  If in golf hit a series of shots, at least 15 and compare by ball launch monitor the difference between the first 5 hits and the last.  In other sports of shooting or throwing to uniform distance and angle and do at least 15 shots.