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We were looking for evidence or trends that the Real Feel Glove might have upon performance in golf. Although the best evidence will be the reduction in one’s handicap, several Proof of Principle tests were performed with selected golf shots and monitored on a ball launch monitor with PGA tour players.

In order to test the proof of principle of the Real Feel Glove we went to the PGA tour with some ideas to validate our hypothesis that this glove would improve performance at the most skilled golfer. Proof of Principle is the first test of effectiveness. It is not the same as a controlled study with many subjects.

We already had evidence that amateur players’ accuracy was better with the Real Feel Glove as compared to no glove or traditional glove.

This dispersion pattern is representative of our amateur testing.

The player used his glove to hit a 9 iron and then a Driver. The results are seen in yellow for the 9 iron and pink for the driver.

Then he changed to the Real Feel Glove and hit 9 iron (white circle) and then hit the Driver (blue circle). When he hit the first drive he said remove it as it was a terrible swing. No, we kept it in and you see it to the lower left of the blue ellipse. However, notice the subsequent 4 shots landing spot clumped together.

The dispersion or accuracy was better with the Real Feel Glove on many amateurs.

1st Tour Player Tests: It seemed logical to repeat of the same test with Champion Tour Players. The repeat on five such players did show a difference in performance monitored by a Trackman® ball launch monitor. The results of five consecutive drives with a traditional glove compared to five drives with the Real Feel showed those with the glove were more accurate.

This Champion’s Tour player hit 10 shots his driver and traditional glove (blue). Then he hit 5 shots with his driver and Real Feel Glove (red). The red dots had a tighter pattern.

This player also had more consistency in all the Trackman® parameters with the Real Feel Glove on the left hand.

This second Champion’s Tour Player hit 5 shots with his glove in blue. Then hit 5 shots with Real Feel Glove in red. The shots with Real Feel Glove were more accurate.

A 2nd Test Method: The test method was changed at the suggestion of one of the Tour Players. This player, now on the Champions Tour was 3 times major winner on regular tour.

Player #1: After player had practiced on the range and was near end of the session, he was invited to participate in the testing. The player put Real Feel Glove on left hand. Player hits series of 6 iron shots; a total of 14 and were recorded on a Trackman®.

Evaluation: The first 4 shots were averaged and compared to the average of the last 4 shots. This was done in each of the Trackman® measurement groups.

Results: There was improvement in all parameters.

The face angle improved from 0.86 to 0.80.

The face to path improved from +4.025 to -3.35. In last 4 were all uniformly in the minus category.

Accuracy: The landing site in the first four was 17.6 feet to right. The average of the last four was 7.7 feet to the right; a more than 50% improvement.

Accuracy went from 17.6 yards to 7.7 yards off line to the right

Distance: The distance average went from 194.6 yards in the first four to a 206.0 yard average in the last four hits.

Distance increased from 194.6 to 206.0 yards.

Analysis of 2nd Method: Could is be that he would have had improvement attributed to hitting more shots so that the average of the last four were better just by practice. It should be noted that he has just finished his practice routine of hitting a variety of shot for the last hour.

2nd Method, Tour Player #2: Since it was possible that the successive hitting of balls with the same club may result in improvement naturally and not related to the Real Feel Glove the follow Proof of Principle test was performed.

The Player: The player was on the regular PGA tour and one who is noted for being in excellent physical condition. He has won three times on PGA tour.

The Method: In order to see if repeated shots at the driving range would show improvement in performance without the Real Feel Glove, the player hit consecutive shots with a 6 iron. The first 15 would be with his traditional glove and the second 15 of the 30 shots would be with the Real Feel Glove. Performance was measured with a Trackman®.

Results: The results were better at the start of the testing and deteriorated as the testing proceeded past 10 consecutive shots. It was recognized by the player and a former tour player observer that there was loss of concentration and some fatigue.


The smaller ellipse is the first series with the player’s traditional glove with white dots as landing site. The wider ellipse is the composite of the results with the Real Feel Glove with the yellow dots representing the landing site.

Conclusion: Although the player was different the goal of the test method showed the PGA player did not get better performance with more consecutive shots. In fact this player who was younger and in excellent physical condition performance did not get better due to recognized fatigue and loss of concentration, especially in the second set of 15 shots.

We Learned from the 2nd Method: The consecutive testing of 15 to 30 shots is not an optimal method to test performance as concentration lessens and fatigue increases with this unnatural way to hit golf shots. In the game of golf the player has perhaps 5 to 10 minutes between shots to re-focus, rest and concentrate again on one variable, the shot at hand.

This second testing method that showed no improvement with consecutive shots may have validated the prior proof of principle test where tour player got better with Real Feel Glove and consecutive shots. However the player was different and quit at 14 shots of their own volition and no prospect of having to hit more than they were comfortable with doing.

Conclusion at Present: There appeared to be accuracy and distance improvement with successive use of the Real Feel glove. Further testing on more subjects will be needed to verify this observation.

The best testing method will be the effect on one’s golf game and scoring.


Tour Testing: Chip shots

A PGA Champion tour player participated in the study on the real feel glove.  He had been hitting chip shots for 10 -15 minutes when approached to participate in the study. This test was to compare 45 foot chip shots from the edge of the green to the hole.  He first hit 5 shots with his conventional glove and then 5 shots with the real feel glove.

The results in inches from the hole were as follows:  The key is L is long; S is for short; H is for same level as the hole.

First 5: 54S, 56L, 23L, 4A, 33L in that order = 170 total inches/5 = 34 inches

Second 5: 56L, 39L, 5A, 8A, 20L  in that order =128 total inches/5  = 25.6inches

The second set was 42 inches total closer or average of 8+ inches on average closer.